Aero Mag welcomes the world's first electric powered de-icing truck.

Aero Mag announces the commissioning of the world's first electric powered de-icing truck in Montreal!

Developed in close collaboration with our long-standing business partners, Vestergaard, this electric powered de-icing truck is a testament to Aéro Mag's commitment to safety, operational efficiency, innovation, and ecology.

This measure is part of our strategic vision to be a carbon-neutral company by 2035.

“This new electric de-icing truck confirms once again the innovative and environmental values ​​of our company. Thanks to the involvement and support of Aéroports de Montréal, with which we share a common vision of prioritizing sustainable development.”

Mario Lépine


About Aero Mag

Aero Mag is a private international company based in Montreal, specializing in aircraft de-icing, management of de-icing centres, and de-icing product recycling.

Aero Mag provides complete aircraft de-icing services on the international stage, from de-icing installation design, to operations management, to IT integration.

Avion en train d'être dégivré

Aero Mag in a few figures


years of experience

+500 000

de-iced planes


airport locations

+1 500

employees globally


de-icing units

Committed to reducing the environmental impact of airports for the past 25 years 

More than 9,695,000 litres of Type 1 Glycol recycled and reused since 2014

The globally patented Aero Mag process makes it possible to recycle and reuse de-icing products used for aircraft de-icing operations, so that the glycol regains at least 99.5% of its purity to be reused for the same purpose.

20% reduction of energy needs for facilities

Developed in 2014, the Aero Mag process makes it possible to reuse the heat released by the operations of its recycling plants, in order to heat its facilities and then significantly reduce energy needs.

Carbon neutral target by 2035

Aero Mag aims to reduce GHG emissions as much as possible through a complete transition towards electric vehicle fleet. This goal is part of a strategic vision to reduce the carbon footprint of airports.

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Aero Mag is a private international company based in Montreal, specializing in integrated aircraft de-icing operations, as well as reusing and recycling de-icing products.

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